Advancing an Inclusive Workplace For All

July 26, 2022
At Citi, our employees reflect the remarkable range of cultures and perspectives of our clients across the more than 160 countries and jurisdictions where we do business – a powerful advantage that combines global insights with deep local knowledge. We recognize that unique individuals, collaborative teams and inclusive leaders have far-reaching impact and are the engines of new ideas. It’s our willingness to embrace the richness of our diverse teams, ideas and possibilities that drives our growth and progress.

Embracing diverse teams, ideas and possibilities helps us drive growth and progress. We’re embedding ownership for diversity throughout our business...

Holding ourselves to the highest standards means setting the tone from the top: our most senior leaders view themselves and others as accountable for enabling an equitable and inclusive culture; so, each Affinity is co-led by a member of the senior leadership team.

Our nine Affinities include: Asian Heritage, Black Heritage, Citi Salutes® (Military Veterans), Citi Women®, Disability: Enabling Diverse Abilities, Generations, Hispanic/Latino Heritage, Parents and Pride (LGBTQ). Each Affinity is responsible for developing a better understanding and appreciation of the uniqueness of each group and coming up with ideas and initiatives to ensure Citi is helping our colleagues grow, develop and matriculate through the firm.

Our Employee Network chapters serve as local representatives of our Affinities. Consistent with our inclusive culture, Employee Network chapters are open to all Citi employees, regardless of whether they identify with a particular Affinity. We have 226+ chapters across 55+ countries, with nearly 27,000 members.


As a global bank, we understand how vital it is to deliver a wide range of ideas and solutions to our clients; it's what enables their growth and progress. We are focused on continually refining how we embed diversity into our recruiting efforts globally, and we have several programs aimed at recruiting diverse campus talent. Visit Citi Careers to learn more about our opportunities.

We are also focused on our hiring practices to ensure that diversity is embraced throughout the process. For managing director and director level hires, we continue to leverage diverse slates and panels, ensuring that women globally and/or racial and ethnic minorities in the U.S. are interviewed for our open roles and sit on the interview panels. These practices are important levers for us to ultimately achieve our goal of increasing representation of women and U.S. minorities.


Pay Equity

Pay equity is a very important principle at Citi. We have long had a number of efforts in place to help us adhere to that principle, including continuously evaluating market conditions to help inform pay and conducting a rigorous review of pay recommendations across the company as part of our annual compensation process each year.

In recent years, we’ve expanded on those efforts to assess pay at Citi when comparing women to men, and U.S. minorities to non-minorities. As a starting point, this analysis was conducted in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, and we accounted for a number of factors in our analysis to make the comparisons meaningful, including job function, level and geography. We found that women are paid on average 99% of what men are paid, and minorities are paid on average 99% of what non-minorities are paid.

During compensation cycles, we are making appropriate increases to help close the gaps for both women and U.S. minorities. We will also continue to adjust compensation for other individuals where the analysis determined increases are warranted. We are committed to continuing to review compensation for pay equity and will continue this analysis in all other countries where we have employees.

Pay equity is an issue that is rightly receiving a great deal of attention and scrutiny. Data and research consistently point to a pay gap among men and women, and minorities and non-minorities employees, across industries. At Citi, our continuing focus on pay equity furthers our goal of being the employer of choice for employees of diverse backgrounds, and it supports our efforts to attract and retain the best talent and reward performance consistent with our Leadership Standards. These are clear business imperatives for Citi, and we remain firmly committed to them.


Unconscious Bias Training

A critical aspect to building the right culture is addressing unconscious bias in the workplace, which is an area where we continue to invest and focus. We developed and launched a training that enables participants to understand the business case for an inclusive work environment, recognize unconscious bias and take actions to improve on-the-job decision making to support Citi's culture of leaderships, ethics and inclusion.


How We Work

Citi proudly embraces a culture of flexible work. We strongly believe that providing flexibility in how, when and where our employees work allows all of us to realize personal and business objectives while continuing to have meaningful work and career opportunities.


Learning and Development

Citi employees have access to a range of career development and learning resources to enhance their ability to perform in current roles and prepare for future opportunities. We continue to focus enhancing our employee learning and development opportunities shifting to more flexible, cloud-based solutions. These digital platforms enable learning when, where and how it is most effective for employees. We also offer a range of internal development programs for leaders at all levels, and we continue to evolve those programs to meet new needs.

Some of our development programs include:

  • Citi Women’s Leadership Development Program brings together a group of Senior Vice Presidents and Directors from around the world to network and develop leadership skills.
  • In our Personal Banking & Wealth Management division, we recently piloted a career advocacy program that aims to build stronger advocacy for underrepresented talent by pairing each participant with senior leaders outside of their functional areas to provide career advice and serve as an advocate for that colleague.
  • Our Role-Based Assessment Program, meanwhile, focuses on building a robust succession plan for our Black and women leaders. The career development program includes executive assessment and coaching. In 2021, 31 high-performing Black and women Managing Directors and Directors were selected for the program.
  • Black Leaders for Tomorrow, a program within our Institutional Clients Group, was created to increase representation of Black colleagues at senior levels through attraction and retention initiatives at all levels.
  • In Latin America, our Women’s Virtual Development Program continues to be one of our most valued in the region, with more than 1,600 participants in 2021.
  • Across Asia Pacific, 780 participants joined one of four programs supporting women as they transition to more senior roles.
  • In Europe for our “reverse mentoring” program, we paired senior leaders from the region with junior mentors from the LGBTQ+ community. The goal of the program, which was subsequently rolled out in Latin America, Asia Pacific and the United States, was to educate the mentees about the lived experience of their LGBTQ+ colleagues.

Across Asia Pacific, and in partnership with Ernst & Young, we launched a new program called ASCENT focused on providing Senior Vice Presidents with the sponsorship and growth opportunities that are critical for career progression.

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