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Supporting The Recovery and Renewal of Our Communities in Challenging Times

July 19, 2022
Brandee McHale, Head of Community Investing and Development at Citi and President of the Citi Foundation

Since 2006, Citi's Global Community Day has brought together colleagues and our civic and nonprofit partners to make a difference in the communities we serve around the world. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we worked with these partners to pivot quickly, providing new kinds of support and delivering that support in innovative ways.

This year, Global Community Day brought us back together in-person in many places, reigniting our sense of community and driving home just how much impact we can have when we volunteer both in-person and virtually. We centered our efforts on the global theme of Recovery and Renewal, aiming to help our communities not just overcome the economic and social challenges posed by the pandemic, but achieve new levels of progress and prosperity.

I'm especially proud of the ways Citi colleagues around the world stepped up in support of those affected by the crisis in Ukraine. In Poland, for example, dozens of projects were coordinated to support the needs of Ukrainian refugees with food assistance, school supplies and linguistic support for children adapting to a new language. In New York City at our global headquarters, members of our Executive Management Team and other colleagues joined forces to pack 30,000 meals to support relief efforts in Ukraine.

Finally, Global Community Day would not be possible without the community partners we work with – organizations that are working on the front lines to address society's most pressing challenges, from food insecurity to workforce development, environmental sustainability and more. I admire their tireless commitment despite facing so many new obstacles in recent years. We are so appreciative of their partnership in enabling Citi colleagues, friends, family and alumni across 84 countries and territories to make a difference and look forward to helping them continue to scale their impact.

While this year's campaign has come to an end, the spirit of volunteerism at Citi continues every day. Whether in Ukraine or elsewhere around the world, Citi colleagues remain committed to supporting the recovery and renewal of their communities year-round. Thank you again to all who participated – it's amazing to see what we can accomplish when we use our time and resources in meaningful ways.