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Transfer Forms and Conversion Notices for European-Based Bond Transactions

Transfer Forms and Conversion Notices for European-Based Bond Transactions











This list is not exhaustive. If you cannot find your transaction in this list, please contact Citibank® Agency & Trust at the number below.

The transfer forms and conversion notices for the transactions listed above are immediately below in alphabetical order. Please download the transfer form or the conversion notice you require, being sure that, in the case of a transfer form, to select the form for the direction in which the transfer is to be processed. Upon completion, please email (i) the transfer form to; or (ii) the conversion notice to Please ensure that your contact details are clearly stated in the cover email.

Please note that it is the Bondholder's responsibility to select the correct form or notice and deliver it to the appropriate email address. Citibank accepts no responsibility for any delays that occur as a result of incorrect forms or notices being used or completed incorrectly or delivered to the incorrect email address. If you are in any doubt, please contact: (i) Caroline Koester on +353 (1) 622 4374 or Christine Mannix on +353 (1) 622 4150 (in the case of transfer forms); or (ii) the Corporate Actions team on +353 (1) 622 2211 or Christine Mannix on +353 (1) 622 4150 (in the case of conversion notices).

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