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Women Entrepreneurs Series

Supporting women entrepreneurs and women-led businesses is not just the right thing to do socially, it is one of the smartest things that governments, corporations and the finance community could do economically. Yet, around the world, women entrepreneurs still face barriers to starting and growing their businesses.


In 2022, we published a Citi GPS report, Women Entrepreneurs: Catalyzing Growth, Innovation, and Equality, which found that closing the gender gap in business growth globally could add up to $2.3 trillion to global GDP (or a 3% increase), create up to 433 million jobs, and unleash an untapped pool of talent and innovation to address global challenges.


In this curated series of conversations, we highlight some of the women building successful businesses across sectors and in different regions to learn from their experiences. Our experts will explore the challenges women entrepreneurs still face, what is needed to better support them, and the significant economic opportunity that empowered women entrepreneurs present.


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