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Article21 Sep 2023

Earth Observation: The Toolbox of Our Time

Earth observation-analysing and presenting information about our planet’s physical, chemical and biological systems via remote sensing-offers potentially vital guidance for decision making about sustainability issues. A recent report from Citi Research’s Anita McBain and team delves deeper.

Earth Observation is a collective term for perhaps the most important toolbox of our time.

Together, Earth observation tools allow governments, companies and investors to make informed decisions about sustainability issues from climate change and methane emissions to monitoring illegal deforestation and suspicious shipping activity.

The Citi Research report analyzes the nascent technologies behind Earth Observation, solutions provided and the three major sectors of the Earth Observation ecosystem.

Earth imaging can be done from planes, of course. But satellites are also increasingly important as they provide the means by which we can observe vast areas of the planet and monitor their development over time.

They use technology such as hyperspectral imaging to capture detailed data about the properties of materials. Scientists can then use these to assess atmospheric composition; the quality of water, soil and air; different pollution types; crop health; prevalence of diseases; geological threats and opportunities; and forest fires or areas vulnerable to them.

How Satellite Technology Can Assist Climate Action


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