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Citi Impact Fund

Citi Impact Fund

We are leveraging our strength as Citi to bring more access to more people in more places. 

Our Story

The $500 million Citi Impact Fund was launched in 2020, born out of a recognition that early-stage venture impact investing can play a meaningful role in advancing social progress. We use our own capital to make equity investments in "double bottom line" U.S.-based private sector companies that are applying innovative solutions to help address some of society's most pressing challenges.

We are committed to inclusive investing principles and seek opportunities to invest in businesses that are led or owned by women and minority entrepreneurs to help combat persistent gaps in access to capital. 

Our mission is to invest in systems-change and disruption for good. 

We identify, invest in, and support the growth of innovative start-ups and diverse founders that solve critical issues for underserved communities and create lasting change, increasing access, affordability and inclusion. 


The Citi Impact Fund leverages the full scale of Citi’s capabilities and expertise to provide differentiated value-add to our portfolio companies.


Financial Inclusion

Solutions that provide underserved communities access to financial services – ​promoting financial ​inclusion and wellness.

Future of Work

Solutions that provide underserved communities access to stable, well-paying jobs and quality education.

Social Infrastructure

Solutions that expand ​access for underserved communities to essential services including housing, health care and transportation.

Climate Resilience

Climate transition, mitigation, adaptation and resilience solutions focused primarily on underserved beneficiaries and communities, and select investments in other innovative solutions.
Citi Impact Fund Expands to $500 Million
Citi Impact Fund Expands to $500 Million
Citi Impact Fund looks to beat the system
Citi Impact Fund looks to beat the system
Feature: Pallet
Feature: Pallet
Pallet Is Tackling Homelessness, One Shelter at a Time
Feature: Ketos
Feature: Ketos
Engineering the Future of Safe, Sustainable Water

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