Doing Business with Citi

Building mutually beneficial supplier relationships that contribute to shareholder value
Citi's mission is to serve as a trusted partner to our clients by responsibly providing financial services that enable growth and economic progress. All of our decisions must create the best outcome for our clients.
Consistent with Citi’s values, we work to establish supplier relationships that contribute to shareholder value and are the best for our clients. We set high standards for accountability, operational control, innovation and performance at Citi and we expect the same from our suppliers.
Through the use of self-service tools and advanced technology, Citi’s Resource Management Organization strives to deliver an end to end digital solution for Citi and our suppliers.
Doing Business with Citi outlines the requirements and expectations for all suppliers, provides pertinent information about how to work and interact with Citi, and guides you through key programs and processes at Citi.
Regulatory Compliance and Policies
Suppliers must adhere to all applicable laws and conduct their operations in accordance with Citi Policies outlined for suppliers. Suppliers must have policies and procedures designed to ensure compliance with all of the obligations identified below, including but not limited to appropriate non-discrimination and non-retaliation policies. Suppliers must also make reasonable efforts to monitor and ensure their supply chain is compliant with Citi’s requirements.
Citigroup Inc. (Citi) is a federal government contractor. Citi’s policy is to provide equal opportunity to applicants and employees. Citi takes affirmative action with respect to women, minorities, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. As applicable, Citi requests appropriate action on your part to support these principles.
Key Policies and Regulatory Compliance Documents to Review
Expectations for Suppliers
Citi seeks suppliers who:
  • Understand how their products and services can directly benefit Citi and the financial solutions and services we offer to our customers
  • Share our commitment to performance excellence on the basis of price, quality, availability, terms and service
  • Are financially healthy and who continuously are focused on improving affordability and efficiency
  • Provide shared knowledge on how we can all better manage our businesses
  • Deliver value and solutions that allow Citi, our suppliers, and our customers to win
  • Conduct their operations in a professional and respectful manner
  • Share our commitment to ethical business practices
  • Are committed to increased productivity, process automation and electronic communication
Providing Goods and Services to Citi
When providing products or services to Citi, third parties should consider the following information about our company’s supply chain processes and programs.
  • Citi’s Resource Management Organization operates through an end-to-end supplier lifecycle model. Prior to establishing a relationship, Citi will work with the supplier to address applicable pre-contract due diligence and conduct applicable control assessments, as well as information requirements.
  • To become and remain a Citi supplier, all suppliers must adhere to Citi’s Third Party Management Policy and Standards as referenced in Citi’s Code of Conduct and follow these throughout all phases of the third-party management cycle.
  • Citi selects suppliers based on price, quality, availability, terms and service.
  • An executed contract or an official Citi Purchase Order (PO) is required prior to order fulfillment. When a supplier receives a contract or a purchase order from Citi, it carries the obligation to supply the ordered goods or services at the agreed-upon price and terms.
  • Over the life of a supplier relationship, Citi conducts ongoing monitoring activities. Ongoing monitoring is essential to manage the supplier relationship and any associated risks. Additional information from suppliers may be required as part of our ongoing monitoring efforts. It is critical that the supplier is responsive to all Citi requests in order to avoid delays or avoid cancellation of the engagement with Citi.
Citi iSupplier Portal
Current Citi suppliers can access and enable supplier self-service capabilities and real time interaction and collaboration through the Citi iSupplier Portal. To take advantage of the benefits, suppliers are required to complete the registration process.
Citi iSupplier Portal Benefits
  • Visibility to issued purchase orders, invoices, and payment statuses
  • Shorter end-to-end processing cycle time
  • Ability to perform real time updates to contact information, tax, and banking information through self service
Citi is in the process of completing this implementation, so availability of the Citi iSupplier Portal may be limited in certain countries at this time. Visit the iSupplier overview site to learn more about the portal, download the on-boarding package, and view training materials.
Invoicing (Billing/Payment)
As part of our digital transformation, we are moving to a paper-free and fully digitized supply chain ecosystem. We expect our suppliers to issue invoices electronically by utilizing one of our digital invoicing options for billing and payment. For those countries where regulation or law requires a paper invoice, suppliers must submit a hard copy to Citi in addition to the electronic format.
Specific payment processing procedures may vary by country according to local statutory and operational requirements. Contact the Service Desk to determine what invoicing options are available for your organization.
Direct Electronic Invoicing
Direct Electronic Invoicing is Citi's preferred method of invoicing for suppliers with high volume of invoices (500 or more annually). Direct electronic invoicing reduces payment cycle time and improves accuracy.
To utilize direct electronic invoicing, suppliers will need to develop an electronic file internally, which conforms to Citi’s electronic file formats. We accept cXML, version 1.2.009, and a Citi custom Flat File format.
To initiate the process to implement electronic invoicing for your organization, email and a Citi technology expert will contact you to review your electronic invoicing options and next steps. The Citi electronic invoicing onboarding specialist will work closely with your organization through the development and testing phases of the implementation process.
Suppliers submitting invoices electronically for countries that have a hard copy regulatory requirement for invoices may require a supplemental process in order to ensure Citi meets this requirement.
Citi iSupplier Portal
For invoicing, the Citi iSupplier Portal allows you to submit invoices directly into Citi’s Procure to Pay (P2P) system. Suppliers with low invoice volume can take advantage of using the Citi iSupplier Portal for invoice submission generating timelier receipt by Citi. Suppliers can easily access the portal and instantly view invoices and payment status.
Visit the Citi iSupplier Portal overview site to learn more about the portal, download the on-boarding package, and view training materials.
Standard Invoice Template
If electronic invoicing is not an immediate option, Citi is creating a Standard Invoice Template to expedite the submission of paper invoices to Citi for suppliers. This template will be used for all invoices that are not sent through Citi’s preferred electronic invoicing channels, unless otherwise mandated by local country regulatory requirements. The template will provide a standard layout for invoices, dictate usage guidelines, ensure adherence to Citi requirements, and eliminate processing delays due to incomplete or illegible invoice information.
Citi’s preferred method of payment to suppliers is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
Our approved Virtual Card Accounts Program described below is also an approved payment method that can be utilized by Citi suppliers in the United States.
The Citi Dynamic Discounting Program described below is an option available to Citi suppliers in the United States where they are able to receive accelerated payments in exchange for a negotiated discount.
Virtual Card Accounts Payment Program (Only available in the United States)
Through the Virtual Card Accounts (VCA) payment program, suppliers can utilize a virtual credit card for payments, instead of existing payment methods (wire transfer, check, ACH, etc.). Suppliers need to accept the proposed terms and register to onboard into the VCA program and modify their payment method in our Procure to Pay (P2P) payment system. Currently, this option is only available in the United States.
The advantages of accepting virtual cards as a form of payment include:
  • Receive accelerated payment based on program terms
  • Increase cash flow and working capital benefits
  • Simplify reconciliation, as virtual card transactional data is supplemented with invoice number and other payment reference data
  • Greater control over accounts receivable
  • Transact without the need for new point-of-sale card processing equipment
This program is offered in partnership with Citi Commercial Cards. If you have questions or would like to check your eligibility for this program, email us at or call us at 1-877-345-6923.
Citi Dynamic Discounting (Only available in the United States)
In partnership with Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) and Cash Flow Optimization (C2FO), a third-party provider, Citi offers the Citi Dynamic Discounting (CDD) Program to suppliers in the United States. Through C2FO’s secure online marketplace, suppliers are able to receive accelerated payments in exchange for a negotiated discount. Participation with this program is voluntary.
Citi extends the option to participate in the CDD program to suppliers who are not enrolled in another type of payment program or have specific payment terms applicable through contractual terms. Invited suppliers are contacted by C2FO, to provide instructions on how to register and participate in the program. There's no paperwork, fees, or commitments, and we pay you directly via your current remittance process on the invoices you choose to have paid early.
Benefits of Citi Dynamic Discounting:
  • Receive expedited payment in exchange for a nominal discount
  • Approve or reject discount offers at the invoice level
  • Exert more control over the timing of when to receive payment
Additional Information
For additional information, please contact the C2FO’s support team by phone at 1-844-556-4895 or by email at

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