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Citi Supplier Diversity and Sustainability Program

With a global franchise stretching across more than 160 countries, Citi is committed to conducting business in a fair and equitable manner around the world. To that end, we are focused on establishing and maintaining close working relationships with a diverse set of suppliers in the countries where we operate, and ensuring they have the opportunity to partner with us in delivering products and services to our clients and customers. This commitment, which is embraced by all levels of Citi’s management, applies to all suppliers regardless of the business owner's race, religion, gender, background and other characteristics.
At Citi, supplier diversity isn’t about ticking a box. We believe it truly is a business imperative that leads to increased efficiency and innovation, and can be transformational not only for our clients, but for the communities we serve. That’s why we are committed to fully integrating supplier diversity into our procurement procedures and practices globally. And to hold ourselves accountable for progress, we measure our procurement practices against clear supplier diversity performance goals that are closely aligned with our efforts to help close the racial wealth gap and increase economic mobility in the U.S.
Working with a diverse base of suppliers is an essential part of Citi's mission of enabling growth and progress in all the communities we serve.
- Jane Fraser
Chief Executive Officer, Citigroup