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Citi Policy and Standards

Citi works to create mutually beneficial supplier relationships that contribute to shareholder value by delivering cost-competitive, superior products and services in a manner consistent with Citi's values. Citi sets high standards of performance for itself and the products and services we offer. We expect the same from our suppliers.
Suppliers must adhere to all applicable laws and conduct their operations in accordance with Citi Policies outlined for suppliers. Suppliers must have policies and procedures designed to ensure compliance with all of the obligations identified here, including but not limited to appropriate non-discrimination and non-retaliation policies. Suppliers must also make reasonable efforts to monitor and ensure their supply chain is compliant with Citi's requirements.
I. Citi Requirements for Suppliers
II. Citi Statement of Supplier Principles
III. Citi Non-Employee & Supplier Online Privacy Notice
IV. California Privacy Notice
V. Citi UK Modern Slavery Act Statement
VI. Citi Australia Modern Slavery Act Statement

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