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Citi at Sibos 2023
Key Information
Event Date & TimeMonday September 18 2023 - Thursday September 21 2023
Event LocationMTCC, Toronto
Sibos is an in-person annual conference, exhibition and networking event organized for the financial industry by the global provider of secure financial messaging services, SWIFT. Sibos 2023 will be focusing on “Collaborative finance in a fragmented world”, with over 250 speakers debating major industry topics including embracing the digital landscape, succeeding in uncertain times and driving sustainability and ethics. This agenda is not final and is constantly being updated.

This agenda is not final and is constantly being updated. Session times are local Toronto times. 

Artie Ambrose
Global Head of Operations, Treasury and Trade Solution

Location: Standards Forum


Six months on from the start of migration to ISO 20022 for cross-border payments and reporting in March 2023, we take stock and share key insights about how adoption is progressing. Join this session to hear views from Swift Board members on the benefits of adopting ISO 20022 for cross-border payments and what still needs to be done for the industry to take full advantage of richer, structured data.

Ryan Rugg
Global Head of Digital Assets Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi

Location: Conference Stage 6


Digital currencies have made a big splash over the past few years, from Libra/Diem and private stablecoins like USDC and Tether, to central banks around the world exploring digital versions of their own fiat currencies. But moving beyond the hype, how are the various types of digital currencies actually being used today, and how do market participants envision them being used in the future? What are the critical attributes for these digital currencies to be widely accepted as forms of money, and which characteristics are most important for different use cases? What are the barriers to adoption or hurdles that must be overcome?

Matthew Bax
Managing Director, Global Head of Custody, Securities Services, Institutional Clients Group

Location: Conference Stage 3


Securities services industry is currently experiencing substantiable disruptions characterized by a strong emphasis on technology, regulatory changes and evolving investor expectations. By embracing innovation, leveraging technology, diversifying revenue streams, fostering collaboration and focusing on operational excellence, securities services providers will position for sustainable growth. In this session, we'll discuss the evolving landscape of securities services, and explore the potential advancements and challenges that lie ahead.

Debopama Sen
Global Co-Head of Payments and Receivables, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi

Location: Conference Stage 1


Friction in cross-border payments is a key challenge in an ever-changing world where users demand their payments to be fast, seamless, predictable, and transparent. Delays, errors in data and loss of information can lead to costly delays and a poor end-user experience. In this session, join us to find out more about where friction arises and what tools are available to help the industry address this challenge.

Emanuela Saccarola
Global Co-Head of Cross Border Payments and Receivables, Treasury and Trade Services

Location: Conference Stage 5


To enable further economic growth, support international trade and financial inclusion, in 2020, the G20 leaders approved a programme/roadmap to make cross-border payments faster, cheaper, more transparent, and inclusive, while maintaining their safety and security. During the first two years, the programme focused on establishing the foundational elements of the roadmap and has benefited from regular and extensive collaboration with a wide range of private and public sector stakeholders sharing insights and expertise. Private sector involvement is crucial to achieve this customer promise. How will the industry support the road towards the targets and what does the industry need from the public sector?


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